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Voltage: Fashion Amplified Preview

A scene from Voltage: Fashion Amplified 2004 - Photo by Dan Schultz of (see more photos of last year's show here.)

By David de Young

The second annual Voltage: Fashion Amplified takes place Wednesday, May 25th at First Avenue. The show will feature music by The Soviettes, Olympic Hopefuls, Mike Gunther and his Restless Souls, The Violettes, The Deaths, Ouija Radio, The TV Sound, and Melodious Owl and the work of 25 local fashion designers.

Doors are at 7PM. Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 at the door. Tickets are going fast, so arrive early or buy your tickets ahead of time as the event is expected to sell out.

With Voltage just two days away, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the show from a numbers standpoint alone to put into perspective some of the things that make this show the local music event of the year.

Voltage By The Numbers

6 - the number of months Voltage 2005 has been in active planning, and the number of gallons of paint it takes to cover the Voltage runway.

8 - the number of bands playing Voltage 05.

9 - o'clock, the time Sunday morning that the Voltage crew was at First Avenue for the model blocking rehearsal.

12 - the number of volunteers on the core Voltage Committee (not including the volunteers on the subcommittees.)

25 - the number of fashion designers contributing work to Voltage 2005

30 - the approximate number of person hours required to paint the Voltage runway.

34 - the number of musicians in the bands.

40 - in feet, the length of the VFA runway.

41 - the number of songs in the Voltage 2005 set list.

45 - the number of professional make-up artists and stylists assisting the designers.

130 - the number of models participating in this year’s show.

176 - in square feet, the size of the Voltage runway.

Well over 100,000 - in dollars, the approximate value of goods and services donated by sponsors again this year.

Additional info:

Voltage benefits Youth In Music, a Minnesota non-profit that helps create sustainable music ensembles in the State of Minnesota. David de Young is editor of and publicist for Voltage: Fashion Amplified.